New year 2021 or start straight concept.

Program Planning 

The League of Women Voters of Napa County (LWVNC) is a grassroots organization that sets its agenda through the “Program Planning” process. The League of Women Voters of Napa County (LWVNC) met on February 6 to choose our priorities in education and advocacy to determine what we want for the future of California and Napa County.

  • What are the issues of concern to us here in Napa County?

  • Where is there a need for legislative activity and other types of advocacy, both in Sacramento and in our county?

Advocacy is a key League activity year-round. For example, we supported or opposed 8 of the 12 statewide ballot measures in November 2020, and in addition, many bills we supported—from racial justice to voting rights—were signed into law.

  • We discussed what we will do to participate in the LWVNC Campaign to Make Democracy Work.

  • We discussed what critical issues we see emerging that perpetuate the widening wealth gap between people with great wealth and those who have lower incomes.


Check back for the recommendations for 2021-2023 on League policy and positions at the state and local level.