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Climate Change 2022

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Climate Change
LWV Napa County

LWVNC Climate Change Action Policy

The League of Women Voters of Napa (LWVNC) supports actions to mitigate and adapt to climate change in order to protect our county and state from the negative physical, economic, and public health effects. Our local league engages at a local and regional level for education and advocacy. Our actions are to:

  • Promote energy conservation and efficiency in transportation, buildings, and infrastructure, including energy efficiency standards and land use policies that reduce vehicle miles travelled.​​

  • Promote education of clean, low-carbon energy economy that is sustainable, including all forms of renewable energy and transportation infrastructure.

  • Advocate for policies that mitigate impacts of climate change by adaptation in urban, rural, agricultural, and natural settings.

Legally Speaking

Proposed California and Napa County Climate Legislation 2022

Link below from the League of Women Votes of California

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