Voter Information

It can be hard for busy citizens to keep up with candidates and issues during election cycles. We provide many efficient ways for you to get information and vote with confidence, from online to in-person.

Are you 16 or 17 years of age and want to pre-register to vote? We've got you covered, Youth Voters! 

Voter's Edge

Like Smart Voter did in the past, Voter's Edge California provides unbiased, in-depth voting information on candidates and ballot measures.

​Recently, we've added campaign funding info and a high-quality Spanish translation to State and Federal races. Plus all of your trusted League Voter Service publications are on Voter's Edge California including the Pros & Cons and the Easy Voter Guide.

See more information on elections in California: preparing to vote, voting (in person, by mail, if you've moved), voting rights, take a friend to vote, results of past elections, etc. 

Easy Voter Guide

The Easy Voter Guide is a newsprint pamphlet for new voters and busy voters. Its aim is to make nonpartisan information about the ballot accessible to as many Californians as possible.

It is distributed by the League of Women Voters of Napa County to locations including libraries, schools, churches, and senior centers. It is also available online.

The publication is typically available mid to late September before the November general election. 


Voter & Election Resources and FAQ

Based on Election 2020 Voter Guidelines:  Californians registered to vote will receive their ballot BY MAIL with a prepaid postage return envelope so they can vote safely.  Be sure your address is correct in your voter registration!  If you don’t have a home address, you can still register to vote.  Use the nearest cross streets to describe where you stay at night and be sure to provide a mailing address.  Watch of video on Voting by Mail by the CA Sec'y of State.

​There are safe in-person early voting and Election Day options. But if you opt for in-person voting, there will be NO NEIGHBORHOOD POLLING PLACES. Instead, you can vote at in-person Vote Centers, ballot drop boxes located throughout Napa County or the Registrar of Voters’ Office at 1127 1st Street, Suite E, Napa, CA.  The vote centers will be open from October 31 through Election Day. Hours are: 9-5 Sat., Sun., and Mon. 7 a.m.-8 p.m. Election Day. Locations of the centers will be at  Expect to stand in line.

​State election officials are also asking voters to sign up for “Where’s My Ballot?”, which notifies voters when their mail ballots are received and provides automatic updates on the status of their vote-by-mail ballot by text (SMS), email, or voice call.  Learn more about ballot tracking in this video from CA Sec'y of State Alex Padilla.

​Voter Registration FAQ?


Election Results 2020


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2020 Napa County Candidate Forums

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Facts vs. Fiction

Confusing social media posts, opinions of friends or family, conversations that start out with “I heard” are taking over the information in our lives. How do you know what is true, or what part of a story is true? Several sites can help. and are helpful plus, most major news outlets like AP and Reuters have fact check pages or links to help you navigate your way through