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Money in Politics

We work to ensure that our government serves the people, not wealthy special interests, by promoting transparency, limiting SuperPACs, and eliminating dark money.

Money in politics

Why It Matters

In a democracy, politicians are expected to represent each person equally, regardless of their financial status. The principle of “one-person, one-vote" means that no matter who we are, our rights to health care, education, housing, and other basic needs are equally important.

Money in politics complicates this system. When politicians receive large financial contributions from  organizations, corporations, campaigns, or individuals, they are inclined to be more responsive to their needs. This puts the voices of everyday Americans at a disadvantage.

The involvement of money in our elections is a huge barrier for everyday Americans who run for public office but lack significant financial resources. Every person has the right to run for public office — but because the role money plays in our elections, not everyone has an equal shot.

At LWV of Napa County, we are committed to creating a more transparent and equitable small dollar funding system for elections, so all voters are valued no matter how much they can contribute to the candidate of their choice. Making sure that candidates are elected based on their positions instead of their funds, and communities are empowered over organizations. 

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