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Rebuilding the Community

I'm sure you are aware of the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation and its impacts on how we live our lives and conduct business. The community has engaged in self-quarantine measures and the League is responding in its wake.

The Napa League is in the midst of celebrating our centennial during Women's History Month in March. On Sunday, March 15th our plans included a presentation of the movie, "Iron Jawed Angels" and a presentation on voting rights in partnership with the Napa County Library. On Friday, March 20th we planned an event with the Napa County Historical Society called "Friday Night Conversations: the Echos of Women in the Napa Valley." Unfortunately, both have been postponed.

The Napa League is responding to COVIT-19 by limiting the potential exposure of viral contamination and canceling our events in March and April. The March topics will be explored at our planned August event during the 100th-anniversary forum of the suffrage movement. Stay tuned for more information.

Our April event on universal healthcare at the beginning of the month at the Unitarian Universalist Church and an event focused on the book "Drawdown" at the end of the month have also be postponed.

Canceling our events is part of a holistic approach to mitigating the disease. Flattening the curve of exposure while rebuilding the community is of first and foremost importance. Limiting exposure will avoid overwhelming the capacity of the healthcare system.

The Napa League continues to plan for our work on the November election as well as planning for the Complete Census with phone call banking on March 28th directed to the hard to count community. It may change as COVIT-19 is a moving target. Your commitment to our work is needed by phone. Write to for more information on the census neighborhood walk. We plan on embracing technology with e-board and committee meetings.

We will see you at general membership meetings and events when the cloud of illness lifts.

Until then, don't panic, take this opportunity to rest, be with family, to a rebuild to a healthful future.

Veda Florez, President, LWV Napa County

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