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LWV Napa The Voter Jan 2024

Forums. The LWV of Napa County will be working hard during the 2024 election year to educate voters about their candidate choices. In February, the League and other groups are holding nonpartisan candidate forums for the county Board of Supervisors.

See dates and times below for in-person and Zoom forums for Districts 2, 4, and 5.

The Primary Election. Every four years voters go through the multi-year  process of choosing the next president of the United States. Every state has a primary or caucus, held sometime between February and June. The purpose of a primary is for each state’s political parties to elect delegates to their national nominating conventions. The delegates are picked when voters choose the successful candidate for each party, which then appear on the general election ballot.

Super Tuesday on March 5th is the major primary election day after the New Hampshire primary, held on Tuesday, Janua

ry 23rd. California will join 14 other states and territories to choose delegates to their parties’ nominating conventions, which are held in summer. See the article below that explains why presidential primaries are so unique. 

Two Senate Races: State and National. February’s Voter will explain California’s top-two candidate system and give information for two races: (1) those running to replace Bill Dodd, who has termed out of representing Napa County (District 3) in California’s state Senate; and (2) the hot races to replace US Senator Diane Feinstein, who died in September 2023 while in office. Two US  Senate contests will be on the ballot, one for a partial term (through January 2025) and one for a full term (through January 2031).

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