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Napa County BOD Forums Scheduled


Race for Napa County’s Board of Supervisors

To hear what the candidates for county supervisor have to say, you are encouraged to attend any of three candidate forums: two in person and one on Zoom. The Board of Supervisors is the governing body of all of Napa County, with both legislative and executive authority. Its five members are

elected to represent residents in five districts and serve four-year terms. In the 2024 primary, two supervisors will be elected to replace outgoing supervisors for District 2 (Ryan Gregory) and District 4 (Alfredo Pedroza). In District 5, the incumbent (Belia Ramos) is running against another candidate. Supervisors vote for issues across all districts. In 2022, supervisors were elected for District 1 (Joelle Gallagher) and District 3 (Ann Cottrell). See below for the details about the candidate races.  



Candidates for:

District 2: Liz Alessio & Doris Gentry

District 4: Amber Manfree & Pete Mott

District 5: Belia Ramos (incumbent) & Mariam Aboudamous

Host: Napa Valley Vintners & Napa Valley Grape Growers

When: Monday, January 22, 5:00 –7:00pm 

Where: CIA Copia, 500 First Street, Napa


Candidates for District 5: Belia Ramos (incumbent) & Mariam Aboudamous

Host: American Canyon Chamber of Commerce

When: Wednesday, January 24th, 7-8pm 

Where: Boys and Girls Club, 60 Benton Way, American Canyon



Candidates for District 4: Amber Manfree & Peter Mott

Host: League of Women Voters of Napa Valley

When: Thursday, February 1, 6:00–7:00pm 

Simultaneous Spanish translation provided


Candidates for District 2: Liz Alessio & Doris Gentry. This LWV forum is canceled due to a scheduling conflict.

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