Napa League Supports Heritage House Project

The community showed up in droves to the Feb. 5th at the Napa City Council meeting to express their support or opposition to the Heritage House project planned for property located on Trancas Avenue in Napa. Past President Joyce Kingery, read our letter in support for the Heritage House project at close to 9:30 pm. Read the letter below and see the link to the Napa Valley Register article. __________________ Speaking for the League of Women Voters Napa County, I urge you to approve the Heritage House and Valle Verde Projects. The League has a long tradition of supporting policies and programs that meet basic human needs such as a suitable living environment for families and individuals. Napa County is fortunate to have the Gasser Foundation’s generous donation of the Sunrise Assisted Living center property to provide critically needed affordable housing. The Sunrise property is well suited for conversion into 66 studio apartments. Thirty-three of these are earmarked for members of our community who have experienced homelessness. In Napa County, our low to no-income population has difficulty finding safe, affordable places to call home as attempts to locate earmarked housing often draws objections from nearby homeowners. To set the community at ease, we would like to point out the Heritage House has many positive attributes including 24/7 on-site supportive staff to offer resident-renters the stability they need. Prior to moving in, new renters will undergo safeguarding procedures including a criminal background checks, and mental health screenings to determined if they have the capacity to live independently. Renters will enter into lease agreements and be required to follow community rules. Adobe Services, the prospective project manager, reports 95% of resident-renters in supportive housing abide by the above requirements. We should bear in mind that a large percentage of this community is woven into the fabric of our Napa and have lived here for 10 to 20 years. We commend the Napa City Council for the diligently working on affordable housing and their continued commitment to housing this segment our population. The League is encouraged by the number of housing units completed, in the process or on the drawing boards for low to moderate-income families and individuals. We believe this project should be part of the solution to address homelessness. --------------------- Napa Valley Register article:

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