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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Vote in the Gubernatorial Recall Election

Californians are being asked if Governor Gavin Newsom should be recalled. And if he is recalled, who should replace him?

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September 14,

Election Day!

Mailed ballots must be postmarked by this date. Polling places open 7am–8pm.

Understanding the Recall Election
What is on the Recall Election ballot?
There are two parts to the ballot. The first part poses a question: Shall Gavin Newsom be recalled (removed) from the office of Governor?
You have two choices: “Yes” or “No.”
Where can I find Official Voter Information on the Recall Election? Visit
What does a "Yes" vote mean?
A “Yes” vote means you want Governor Newsom to be recalled (removed) from office.
If 50% +1 voters say “Yes” Governor Newsom will be removed from office as soon as the votes are certified which takes about a month.
What does a "No" vote mean?
A “No” vote means you want Governor Newsom to remain in office.
If more than 50%+1 voters say “No,” Governor Newsom will remain in office until the end of his term on January 2, 2023. The primary and general elections for new terms for the governor and other state offices take place in June and November 2022.

Do I have to vote to remove or not remove the governor in order to vote for replacement candidate?

No. You may leave the answer blank and you may vote for a replacement candidate.


Do I have to vote for a replacement candidate?

No, you do not.

Who are the replacement candidates in case of a recall
The second part of the ballot names the 46 candidates who are running to replace Governor Newsom if he is recalled. It does not matter how you voted for recalling the governor. You may vote for one candidate or vote for no candidate.
How is a replacement governor chosen?
If the governor is recalled, the replacement candidate who gets the most votes becomes governor. "The most votes" does not mean a "majority of votes."  In this election, the winner is the one who receives the most votes, which has been predicted to be as little as 3 to 5 percent of all votes cast. 

How does the election of a replacement candidate differ from a regular election?

In a regular general election, the two candidates who get the most votes in a primary election, no matter from which party, pace off in a general election.


Every voter gets one vote and the candidate with the most votes wins. In the recall election, there is no runoff between two candidates, meaning there is no majority winner.


This lack of “our voice, our vote” may be tested in the courts as unconstitutional.

Can I vote for any candidate, regardless of his or her party?
The replacement candidates represent four of the six California political parties or no party preference.  you may vote for any candidate, regardless of party or no party preference.  Political affiliation is informational only. By party, there are 9 Democrats, 24 Republicans, 2 Green, 1 Libertarian, and 10 No Party Preference.
Where can I learn about the candidates running in the recall?
Get information about the candidates at Voters Edge California. Voters Edge is provided by the League of Women Voters of California and provides nonpartisan information provided by the candidates. 
Can I write in my personal choice for a candidate?

If you want to vote for a write-in candidate, he or she must be on the an approved list, which became available September 3rd. Click here to visit he secretary of state website for a complete list of certified candidates.


Can I write in the name of the governor?

No, the courts have decided that if Gavin Newsom is recalled, he cannot re- himself. Traditionally, the lieutenant governor replaces a governor who is unable to serve.


Isn’t it the major job of the lieutenant governor to replace the governor if anything happens to him? Traditionally, the lieutenant governor replaces a governor who is unable to serve. In supporting the governor, Eleni Koulanakis has chosen not to be a replacement candidate. Recall procedures were designed over a century ago to combat political corruption. At the time, advancing the lieutenant governor might mean that political corruption would easily continue.

If Governor Newsom is recalled, how long will the replacement governor serve?
If the governor is recalled, the replacement governor will serve through the end of the governor’s current term, which expires on January 2, 2023. During this tenure, the elections will be taking place for the governor's next term.
Why are we having a special election to recall the governor ?
Backers of the recall gathered the required number of signatures within the specified time frame to trigger this special election.  Meant to combat the dirty politics occurring during the early 20th-century Progressive Era, this law is now used to disenfranchise legitimately elected officials without going through the rigors of a regular election process. See the section in the Voter Information Guide for the reasons given for the recall and the rebuttal statement.
Are there local or state propositions on the September 14 ballot?
No. There are no propositions on the ballot for the election ending September 14, 2021.
What can I do if I haven’t gotten my mailed ballot by August 21?
Starting August 21, if you did not receive, lost, or damaged your ballot, or if you made a mistake when marking it, you can request a replacement ballot by visiting a County of Napa Voting Center or by calling the County of Napa Department of Elections at 707-253-4321.
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Understand the Recall
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Register to Vote (or Update Your Registration)

Register to Vote


Make sure you’re registered to vote in the recall election. The last day to register to vote by mail is August 30. Register and vote same-day at polling centers. 

Verify Your Registration
Already registered? Check if your information is up to date. Every registered voter will get a ballot in the mail starting in mid-August. 

Update Your Registration

Have you changed your address, name, or signature recently? Then you must update your voter registration.

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Track Your Ballot

All registered voters in California will be mailed a vote-by-mail ballot starting August 16. There are two ways to easily to keep track of your ballot as it is printed, mailed, and counted:


If you're registered but do not receive your ballot by August 21, call the County of Napa Department of Elections at 707-253-4321 of (888) 494-8356 from Upvalley or American Canyon.


Fill Out Your Ballot

ballot box voting

Get educated about your ballot

 There will be two questions on your ballot:


  1. Do you want to recall Governor Newsom (remove him from office)?   
    Answer either “Yes” or “No.”

  2. If the governor is recalled, who do you want to replace him?   
    Choose one from the list of candidates.


Learn more about what’s on your ballot from these unbiased, nonpartisan resources: 



Make sure your ballot will be counted

Sign the envelope! An unsigned returned envelope is one of the main reasons ballots get rejected. Your signatures on the envelope and your voter registration record will be compared to make sure they match. The secrecy of your ballot will be protected.


Get it in on time!

Mail your ballot or drop it off early and in-person at a Napa County Voting Center or a ballot drop-off station, which will have ballot boxes with the County of Napa seal and are staffed by elections workers.


No stamp, no problem! All vote-by-mail ballots come with prepaid postage envelopes.


Don’t panic! If you make a mistake filling out your ballot, ask the County of Napa Department of Elections to send you a replacement by emailing or calling 707-253-4321.

Return Your Ballot

Vote safe during the pandemic

The safest way to vote is to return your ballot by mail. If you need to return your ballot in person

find locations and hours of the County of Napa Voting Centers or drop-box locations

Locations, dates, and times may change. Confirm before you head out. Be sure to wear a mask.

Return your ballot by mail

To return your ballot by mail, the envelope must be postmarked by Election Day, September 14.

Be sure to check collection times on the blue USPS mailbox. If the last collection time shown on

the mailbox is 3:00pm, and you drop off your ballot at 3:15pm on September 14, your ballot

will not be counted.


On Election Day, September 14, you have several choices for where to drop off your ballot. Voting Centers will be open on Election Day from 7am to 8pm. You must drop off your ballot in person on Election Day no later than 8pm.




Get Help With Ballot Delivery and Return

Disaster Impacted Voter Information can be found here

Vote using the accessible vote-by-mail system

Vote if you’re in the military or in another country visit this page for more information

For additional assistance contact the County of Napa Department of Elections or visit the California Secretary of State Website.

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